Institute of Planetary Science



Graduate Students

Dragomir, Diana Physics and Astronomy  
Lawler, Samantha Physics and Astronomy  
Alexandersen, Mike Physics and Astronomy  
Greenstreet, Sarah Physics and Astronomy  
Winslow-Moldovan, Reka Earth and Ocean Science  
B.-Guertin, Jean-Francois Earth and Ocean Science  

Undergraduate Students (participating in research)

Steins, George Honours Astronomy/Physics planetary

Former IPS people(Where are they now?)

NameCurrently atPosition
Dragomir, Diana Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network postdoc
Shankman, Cory University of Victoria Ph.D. program
Ngo, Henry Caltech Ph.D. program
Leung, Cecilia University of Arizona Phd program
Van Laerhoven, Christa University of Arizona Phd program
Cuk, Matija (postdoc at IPS) Seti Institute Research Scientist
Chan, Collin Cornell University Phd program
Rowe, Jason NASA Ames, Kepler space mission Postdoc
Jones, Lynne (postdoc at IPS) University of Washington LSST research scientist

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